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Welcome to Accessibility Consultants.  We are a full service consulting group on the Texas Accessibility Standards,  Fair Housing,  ANSI A117.1  ADA-ABA.   and Outdoor Play, Playground Safety, Design and Accessibility.
Meyer Inspection Services LLC   dba
 Our goal is to aide designers and building owners in the process of barrier removal  for the disabled community  in the built environment.  Since the adoption of the various federal laws, the US has made great strides toward this, but we are a long way from being where we should be.  As a consulting group,  we see most of the work in the design stage and then follow-up with a post construction inspection.. Architects and designers generally must have their drawings reviewed for compliance to the ADAAG, ANSI, Fair Housing or the  State of Texas for the Architectural Barriers, (TAS). That process is going well, but there is still some learning to be done.  Probably the biggest hurdle is the general public and those entities that like to build their project taking the risk of no building permits, no professional input and general contractors that do not follow the plans.  It is a team effort....Before we get further into the site, a few comments that have been said to me over the years.
You may have found us by a search engine looking for an accessibility specialist, accessibility guidelines, interest in accessibility, have a loved one needing home improvements,  or just any information on accessibility.  The internet is flooded with such information and it can be overwhelming.  Understanding the various accessibility laws, rules and players is complicated. This is where we can help and direct you. 

Accessibility is the law. 
 Hire a professional.
Classic Comments
Full-Time/Full-Year Employment:

In the US in 2011, the percentage of working-age people with disabilities working full-time/full-year was 20.7 percent  

Annual Earnings:

In 2011, the median annual earnings of working-age people with
disabilities working full-time/full-year in the US was $36,700

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