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The adoption of the ADA new rules SAD 2010 and the Texas TAS 2012 now include the Chapter 10:  Recreation Facilities.  Section 1008 Play Areas is a new section and is a specialty of Accessibility Consultants.  As a playground safety consultant, this new section is similar to the playground industry design standards since 2005.  Now as an owner of a playground, you are required to have an accessible play structure and area.  
If you are a designer, prospective owner, or have playgrounds in your reportoire, we can help you achieve compliance.  We have conducted over 300 playground inspections for churches, schools, city park departments, Head Start, Military and day care providers
The church owns the playground and is exempt:

​The manufacturer says the play structure is ADA compliant.

I am exempt based upon age of the structure.

The grass is the accessible route to the play area.

Wrong:  Only the areas of worship are exempt.

Wrong:  Components may be designed to meet certain standards, however the ADA does not endorse products.  The compliance will be determined with an inspection based upon the accessible design standards.

Wrong:  You are still subject to possible discrimination litigation based upon the ADA.

Probably incorrect, Grass can in certain situations, however lack of maintenance, weather, growth, traffic will make it un-accessible.
My structure is in good condition, but is not accessible.  Can it be retrofit.
Many manufacturers have kits to achieve compliance.  The first step would be to have an audit, then address recommendations.
If you are installing a playground in the State of Texas, and the cost is over $50,000.  the project is required to be registered with the state ($175.00 fee to the state) and a plan review is required followed by a site inspection by a registered accessibility specialist.  The  building or property owner is the responsible party, not the installer or sales representative.  Before you start construction or installation, make sure you are in compliance.  The fee to the state will double and you  can be fined.
FAQS and Myths
Is my  mulch an approved surface
If your mulch is Engineered Wood Fiber, you should have the certification data.  Engineered wood fiber is an accessible surface for the accessible route and access points as it has been tested using approved methods for wheelchair mobility.  It is problematic requiring constant leveling and raking.